Oak Ridge Sportsman Association

ORSA Facilities and Ranges

ORSA has We have a fairly extensive FAQ. If you cannot find your answer here please use the Contact page to submit your question to ORSA. We make every effort to reply to all inquiries in a timely fashion.

General Safety Rules for all Ranges

ORSA emphasizes safety and common sense. Members are asked to follow a set of simple rules designed to permit safe enjoyment of the facilities.

  • No hunting of any kind on ORSA premises, but ORSA does have organized and scheduled hunts for members ONLY, that meet qualifications.
  • No shooting under the influence or possession of alcohol or drugs.
  • Do not shoot before 9AM (noon Sunday unless participating in a scheduled event) or after sunset.
  • Before shooting, check down range.
  • No handling of guns with personnel down range.
  • Always keep guns pointed in a safe direction. Shoot straight down range.
  • Guns open and unloaded at all times except when on shooting stations and ready to shoot.
  • Obey all NRA and other applicable range and safety rules.
  • Wear eye and ear protection for both shooting and watching.
  • Plink only on the Plinking Range.
In addition to the rules outlined above, each range has a specific set of rules and these rules are posted at each range.

Facility Access

The two main gates are always locked unless there is a scheduled event in progress. The clubhouse is available to all members at any time unless there is a scheduled event. A modest fee is charged for private meetings and parties with prior approval. Facilities include a kitchen, restrooms, TV, fireplace, portable tables and chairs.

The fishing pond is open to all members and family any evening after sunset until 8 A.M. Also every Sunday morning until noon (except during scheduled High Power Shoots), and every day when no one is using the High Power range. Boats without motors are permitted. No swimming is allowed.

ORSA Ranges

We have 850 acres of land devoted to the shooting sports in all discipline with the following ranges available for use: